Wedding Video Tutorial – General Overview

Creating a wedding video takes time and lots of planning. Videographers must work within budget constraints while also producing the best video possible – not always an easy mix! The first step to wedding video success is to speak with those who are in charge of a wedding. Often, this not only includes the engaged couple, but also parents, wedding coordinators, and friends.

Ultimately, the goal of a wedding video is to capture the theme of the wedding from the perspective of an artist. Prior to the big day, take the time to visit the venue, understand how wedding day events will unfold, and figure out what equipment you will need.

One Camera or Two?

Attempting to shoot a wedding with one camera is tough. A single camera might not provide all of the angles and shots that you will need to capture. Within any given area on the day of a wedding, a number of things are happening. Your job is to record all of these things, all at once. Thus, most wedding videographers arrive at a wedding venue with more than one camera in tow.

Using two cameras at once may seem like a complex juggling act. However, you can operate two cameras at the same time without much difficult. By placing one camera on a tripod or other stand and holding the other camera, you will be sure to catch every important shot. If you have the budget and the resources, you can hire a second cameraman instead of placing a camera on a stationary stand.

Lighting Considerations

Lighting is something that’s tough to control. But, you can be prepared for wedding day lighting by visiting a venue beforehand. Determine whether or not you will need artificial light, and consider the natural lighting that is available. Lighting is important, but remember to keep all things tasteful – you don’t want to place a spotlight in front of wedding guests. Phuket Villas stair lifts ny Carpet Cleaning Cherry Hill NJ


Videos that lacked sound were great during the Charlie Chaplin era. Today, producing a video without sound won’t help you collect payment. Make sure to have multiple microphones available and ready to go. This way, you won’t miss anything from the sounds of sobbing to those frail “I Dos!